Congratulations on your breakthrough! Discovering an active ingredient is a monumental step towards developing a groundbreaking agricultural product. However, the journey from discovery to market is intricate and complex. Here’s where AgXelerators comes into play.

Our expertise lies in accelerating this journey. With a focus on crop protection, biostimulants, biofertilizers, and soil regeneration products, we offer a conduit to rapidly develop and register your discovery for production agriculture. How do we do it?

  1. ConceptEarly Stage: We begin this stage with the end in mind. Our market-driven design approach balances what’s desired with what’s possible. Micro-scale formulation is initiated to ensure the feasibility of your discovery, and transitioning from in-vitro testing to greenhouse environments is a critical step to evaluate real-world applicability.
  1. Define – Prototype Development: Designs are tested and refined. The transition from greenhouse to field is vital for understanding true performance. Initial formulation characterization is conducted to understand the prototype’s attributes, and formulation candidate selection is the process of choosing the most promising formulation for further development.
  1. DevelopFormulation Finalization: Field and application testing is performed to validate the product under varying conditions. Complete formulation characterization ensures the developed product meets the desired criteria, and demonstrating scalability is crucial to ensure large-scale production viability. This process ensures all the desired attributes for market success are met.
  1. RegisterRegistration and Launch: A data package is prepared that demonstrates compliance with regulatory requirements. Compatibility testing is conducted to ensure seamless integration with existing agricultural practices, and supply chain and product support mechanisms are established to ensure smooth market entry and post-launch support.


AgXelerators is adept at formulating biologicals, chemicals, and semiochemicals. Our rapid prototyping service is designed to quickly test and refine your product ideas, ensuring they are on the right trajectory towards commercial viability. Full formulation development, optimization, and registration support are provided to ensure robust performance and a smooth product launch.

Our collaboration doesn’t end at product development. AgXelerators leverages a vast network of industry experts and academia to further support your endeavors. Through these collaborations, we can help broaden the reach and impact of your innovative agricultural product.

Partnering with AgXelerators not only accelerates the development process but also ensures a sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to agricultural product development. Our goal is to transform your innovative discovery into a commercially viable product that contributes positively to modern agriculture.

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to us for a project consultation and let’s work together to propel your innovative agricultural product from concept to commercialization.

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