AgXelerators was formed to resolve one of the largest technical challenges facing companies discovering new crop nutrition and crop protection chemical and biological active ingredients in the $85B AgriTech industry: developing a stable, commercially viable formulated product that maximizes field performance, is compatible with conventional and next generation delivery technologies (e.g. drone applications), while supporting global environmental, social, and governance requirements.

Uniquely positioned to formulate biologicals, chemical and semio-chemicals, we accelerate the development of new crop protection, biostimulants, biofertilizers, and soil regeneration products that will leverage natural resources and protect the environment.


To empower sustainable agriculture through rapid product development. 


Creating a better future for agriculture, humanity and the planet through cutting-edge innovation and unparalleled commitment to our clients.  


With hundreds of patents, over $2 billion in annual commercial product sales in the marketplace today and various awards under our belts, we know that product formulation is the key to success. We apply our trade secrets, and knowledge of pitfalls to avoid, to every intellectual property we create, ensuring successful registration and product launch. Plus, we have a global network of trusted industry leading experts we connect with our clients for an expanded support system.

Mark Zettler, PhD 

President & CEO 

Mark W Zettler holds a PhD in chemistry and is a distinguished leader renowned for his impactful contributions in the chemical and agricultural sectors. With a remarkable career spanning Dow Chemical, Dow AgroSciences, and AgroFresh, he has held influential leadership positions, steering innovative initiatives. Zettler’s pioneering work has led to 9 granted patents that have transformed pest management and crop preservation. Beyond his corporate roles, he has lent his expertise to scientific advisory boards, shaping industry advancements. Additionally, his presence on the board of directors for Cultiva showcases his commitment to agribusiness growth. Zettler’s multidimensional expertise continues to drive progress, making him a trailblazer in agricultural innovation. 

Lei Liu, PhD 

Chief Scientific Advisor 

Lei Liu’s is an accomplished leader known for his impactful contributions across various industries. With a notable career at Praxair, Dow AgroSciences, and a pivotal role as Material Sciences Director at Dow Chemical and AgroFresh, he has exemplified visionary leadership. Liu’s expertise spans diverse sectors, reflecting his dynamic capabilities. His innovative mindset is evident through 42 granted patents that have revolutionized fields such as agriculture and materials science. Liu’s trailblazing journey encompasses pioneering roles in both corporate and research settings, underscoring his commitment to driving transformative advancements that shape industries and elevate standards of excellence. Liu’s  holds a PhD in Physical and Analytical Chemistry. 

Holger Tank, PhD 

Chief Operations Officer

Holger Tank holds a PhD in Natural Sciences and is a globally recognized leader with a distinguished career within Dow AgroSciences. Through various global positions, he has navigated complex challenges and driven innovative solutions in the agricultural industry. Tank’s visionary leadership has propelled advancements in crop protection and sustainable agriculture. His contributions are underscored by 21 granted U.S. that have reshaped industry standards. With a proven track record of strategic insight, Tank’s expertise transcends borders, making him a driving force in shaping the future of agribusiness on a global scale. 

Ray Boucher 

Sr. Research Fellow

Ray Boucher is a distinguished figure in the field of agricultural innovation. With a career spanning roles at Provivi and Dow AgroSciences, he has significantly contributed to advancing sustainable pest management solutions. Ray’s groundbreaking work led to the development of novel technologies, earning him 20 granted U.S. patents that have revolutionized crop protection. His tenure at Provivi as a Research Fellow saw him pioneering eco-friendly pest control methods, while his tenure at Dow AgroSciences witnessed the creation of impactful agricultural solutions. A visionary scientist, Boucher’s relentless dedication to enhancing global food security and environmental preservation is a testament to his profound impact on the industry. 

Lynn Zettler 

Chief People Officer 

Lynn Zettler is a versatile professional with a notable journey encompassing Dow Chemical, Dow AgroSciences, and Core Impact Coaching. As a patent agent and intellectual property manager for Dow and Dow AgroSciences, she authored more than 80 patent applications. Now holding a coveted ICF certification, she excels as a coach and mentor. Zettler’s expertise in leadership development, communications, business coaching, and strategic planning is second to none. With a keen focus on empowering individuals and teams, Zettler’s guidance has facilitated growth and excellence in over 50 organizations globally. Her multifaceted talents and commitment to personal and professional advancement make her an influential figure in the coaching arena and an ideal partner in the AgXelerator community. 












Our steadfast commitment to sustainability fuels all aspects of how we work and what we produce, as well as how we live. From lab operations to product development to final deliverables, we prioritize environmental, social and economic well-being so that all we do is beneficial to today’s population and future generations. 

Our priorities: